Are you a farmer looking for a turnkey hemp growing solution that fits into your current production system?

AutoCBD is a great fit for your farming operation if you are looking for:

  • Shoulder crop capability (increases your production output/acre)

  • Multiple crop rotations

  • Ability to mechanize harvest (which saves you labor costs)

  • Proven genetics with predictable return on your investment

Contact us today to get the conversation about Alterra’s Autopilot, farmers’ #1 choice for consistent and stable autoflower seeds. Alterra works with farmers from seed to harvest to ensure farmers are maximizing their Autopilot genetics for maximum return. Alterra offers support by:

  • Providing you the industry leading autoflower variety, grown throughout the US
  • Agronomic guidance with questions you have, from planting to harvest 
  • Farmer specific ROI consultations 
  • AutoCBD replant policy to ensure you are successful (terms and conditions apply)

Call: (720) 526-3050 or email to discuss growing AutoCBD on your farm! 

Not all Autoflower seeds are created equal…


Alterra’s AutoCBD (NBS CBD-1)  is the original, stable autoflower variety that was bred to be a consistent performing plant across wide geographic regions. With years of breeding, AutoCBD seeds provide farmers with confidence by yielding stable, feminized plants. This variety is a proven performer with high heat tolerance that can also stand up to heavy winds and rains due to its compact size and sturdy growth habit.

CBD ratio: 26:1 Total CBD to Total THC ratio
Feminization: 99.98% +
Terpenes: Earthy pine with undertones of spice and lemon
Planting Density: 10,000-15,000 plants per acre
Field Structure: Vertical, one to two predominant colas, average size 2’ x 2.5’ (width x height)
Flowering Time: non-photoperiod dependant; harvest 75 days after germination