Alterra is excited to offer a new and exciting cannabinoid to farmers, CBG! We will be supplying a limited number of farmers with high quality, industry leading CBG plants for 2020.  We’re offering PANAKEIA™ (pronounced Pan-ah-kia), which is the first high-CBG variety with 0.00% THC as well as PURE CBG,  a top performing variety bred in Switzerland. We suggest planting after the last frost date, which depends on your region. Reserve your plants today!


Cannabigerol (CBG) is a newly desired cannabinoid with promising research demonstrating benefits in wellness pathways. PANAKEIA™ has been bred to possess very high CBG (up to 18%) while having non-detectable THC. These plants exhibit a more upright growth structure with prolific flower production that results in high yields per acre with best management practices.


CBG Content: 12-18%
Field Structure: Upright, vertical plant with significant cola production
Planting Density: 1,800-2,200 plants per acre
Flowering time: Outdoor harvest beginning mid September to early October

PANAKEIA™ Hemp Field


PURE CBG Hemp Grow Room


Hailing from Switzerland, PURE CBG is a prolific CBG producing plant and produces something we all love.. Terps! This variety exhibits a compact, branching structure, making it an ideal candidate for mechanical harvesting. Pure CBG is a fast grower with CBG rich flowers that practically drip with resin. Your harvest from PURE CBG can either be used for high-yielding extraction or terpene rich boutique flower.


CBG ratio: 46: 1 to 55:1
CBG Content: 8-16%
Terpenes: Earthy pine with undertones of hops
Planting Density: 2000-4000 plants per acre
Field Structure: Prolific branching plant with lateral and apical cola production
Flowering time: Expect harvest between mid to end of September