Alterra is excited to offer a new and exciting cannabinoid to farmers, CBG! We will be supplying a limited number of farmers with high quality, industry leading CBG plants for 2020.  We’re offering PANAKEIA™ (pronounced Pan-ah-kia), which is the first high-CBG variety with 0.00% THC as well as PURE CBG,  a top performing variety bred in Switzerland. We suggest planting after the last frost date, which depends on your region. Reserve your plants today!

(Sold Out for 2020)

Janet’s G

Janet’s G is a proven CBG variety that has been bred not only for high yielding flower production and potency, but also disease resistance. This variety heirs from the Southeast, which has some of the harshest growing conditions, and is a stellar performer. Janet’s G produces bountiful, frosty flowers with superior trichome and resin production. Your harvest from Janet’s G can either be used for high-yielding extraction or terpene rich boutique flower.

CBG ratio: 78:1
CBG Content: 11-15%
Terpenes: Earthy pine with undertones of spice and lemon
Planting Density: 2000 plants per acre
Field Structure: Vigorous, upright growth (3’-5) with dominant apical cola and lateral cola production
Flowering time: Mid to end September

(Sold Out for 2020)


Cannabigerol (CBG) is a newly desired cannabinoid with promising research demonstrating benefits in wellness pathways. PANAKEIA™ has been bred to possess very high CBG (up to 18%) while having non-detectable THC. These plants exhibit a more upright growth structure with prolific flower production that results in high yields per acre with best management practices.


CBG Content: 12-18%
Field Structure: Upright, vertical plant with significant cola production
Planting Density: 1,800-2,200 plants per acre
Flowering time: Outdoor harvest beginning mid September to early October

(Sold Out for 2020)


Hailing from Switzerland, PURE CBG is a prolific CBG producing plant and produces something we all love.. Terps! This variety exhibits a compact, branching structure, making it an ideal candidate for mechanical harvesting. Pure CBG is a fast grower with CBG rich flowers that practically drip with resin. Your harvest from PURE CBG can either be used for high-yielding extraction or terpene rich boutique flower.


CBG ratio: 46: 1 to 55:1
CBG Content: 8-16%
Terpenes: Earthy pine with undertones of hops
Planting Density: 2000-4000 plants per acre
Field Structure: Prolific branching plant with lateral and apical cola production
Flowering time: Expect harvest between mid to end of September

PANAKEIA™ Hemp Field


PURE CBG Hemp Grow Room