“Victoria and Cameron are great advocates for the hemp industry.  They are knowledgeable, passionate, and energized to improve the quality of hemp available and aim to provide the market with high quality CBD strains that offer great benefit to anyone looking for support.  They were timely and responsive to our questions, listened well to our needs as a farm, and they even followed-up with us throughout the season to see how our crop was growing. They have  reliable genetics, are always pursuing additional and high value strains, and were an overall joy to work with.  Definitely give them a call and see if they can help you accomplish your hemp goals.”

MetaCarbon Organic Farm 

“As a grower, I am constantly looking for new genetics and ways to improve my yields. The health of the plant from an early stage is so critical. I worked with Victoria and Cameron this past season and was amazed at the quality of the plants they work with, and offer to the community. They are pioneers and true hemp advocates.
Their extensive knowledge they offer, is coupled with compassion for the farmer to succeed in cultivation. I feel blessed to have found these two and I look forward to continuing to work with them on future projects.
The health and vitality of the plants they offer are second to none in the state. Can’t thank you enough guys. Cheers to many more successful harvests.”

– Dusty Orrantia


“These amazing and enthusiastic young people have great integrity and are consistent hard workers!  They have wisdom beyond their years, a service attitude, and are a pleasure to do business with!  Thanks Guys!”

– Mohini Nicole Summers

“The thing that we were impressed most with Victoria  and Cameron is that Victoria had a good base knowledge on plants and how to take care of them. Their clones start out with a really good root base, and so that just ensures you are going to have a good growth on each individual clone”

– Letricia Parker

PANAKEIA™ in Flower

“If it weren’t for Cameron and Victoria, we would be in a really bad spot right now. I think the clones they provided us are going to save our bacon. We purchased the clones from them and when we got them, they were field ready. They came to us extremely healthy. The soil we have on our field is questionable in some areas and they (clones) took to (the soil) very very well, they thrived in that environment. I think there is a lot of people here that don’t really know what they are doing and are just in it for the money, they aren’t necessarily in it to see farmers and other folks succeed. Where I feel like Cameron and Victoria they want to see their plants thrive and do extremely well.”

– Ben Morgan

“Consistent size, precocious vegetiave viability, as we have found as it has gone into its flowering or budding cycle, very high quality resin output … Virtually everyone who saw them was wowed by the quality. Being someone who has seen this stuff for the last 30+ years, the quality was as good as anything I’ve seen.”

– Sam Chamberlain


“They were so helpful, we needed a lot of handholding, and they did it along the way with us. You could just tell they really had a heart to help us be successful, which gave us more confidence in the process.”

– Lynnie Mcfadden